Eviden's BDS Research & Development hub (Spain)

We are BDS R&D Spain, a research and development division within a large global company, working towards innovation in BDS products through the results of the projects we participate in. Developing innovative features for present and future products, solutions and services, we leverage EU, national & internal funding to build innovative software of value for BDS customers.
Committed to high quality in delivery, sustainability and cost control, our team (140 professionals in seven locations across Spain) is currently involved in >80 co-funded R&D Projects and has five product developments ongoing, namely CVP Ipsotek (Computer Vision), Evidian (Identity Management), Fleet App (Edge Orchestration), FMLE (Machine Learning) and SeeD (Decarbonization).

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, paraphrasing Arthur Schopenhauer