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The integration of intelligent systems in industry is booming due to the potential improvements they offer in terms of reducing time, simplifying complex tasks and automating them.
VANGUARD aims to strengthen the fight against trafficking in human beings (THB) at the nexus of advanced technological solutions, understanding, awareness raising, and training in order to disrupt
6G-OPENSEC aims to provide security, trust, and quantum key distribution (QKD) solutions for 6G transport networks through an open and flexible architecture.
DC4EU will aid in the development of the technical infrastructure to support the interoperability and implementation of the European Digital Identity Framework, through a two-year,
There are three sub-projects (SP) within 6G ENABLERS. Eviden is in subproject 6GENABLERS-DLT, which has two work packages.
FAME is a joint effort of world-class experts in data management, data technologies, the data economy and digital finance to develop, deploy and launch to the global market a unique, open, publicly
AgriDataValue is a six-year project that aims to establish itself as the "game changer" in smart farming and agri-environmental monitoring, strengthening smart farming capacity, competitiveness and
The Smart Network and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) 6G flagship project Hexa-X-II leads the way to the end-to-end (E2E) system design (based on integrated and interacting technology enablers)
6G technologies, benefitting from softwarisation, Gb/s speed and sub-THz communications paradigms, open up opportunities for developing new and innovative network management strategies while naviga
GREEN.DAT.AI will demonstrate the efficiencies of the new large-scale data analytics services in four industries (Smart Energy, Smart Agriculture/Agri-food, Smart Mobility, Smart Banking) and six d
The I-SEAMORE purpose is to provide an ecosystem, a holistic and advanced platform capable of managing the operation of multiple assets and systems with advanced maritime surveil
PISTIS brings forward a reference federated data sharing / trading and monetisation platform for secure, trusted and controlled exchange and usage of proprietary data assets and data-driven intelli
HiDALGO2 aims to explore synergies between modelling, data acquisition, simulation, data analysis and visualisation along with achieving better scalability on current and future HPC and AI infrastr
SECURED will address the limitations which prevent the widespread use of SMPC and effective anonymisation (due to the lack of well understood and standardised data anonymisation methods for health
The main objective of the PREDICT-6G is to design, create and validate e2e 6G solutions providing deterministic services over multiple inter-connected domains and technologies (inc
ELMUMY aims to elucidate the factors (clinical, epidemiological, environmental...) associated with the risk of developing Multiple Myeloma (MM), an incurable type of cancer, in patients with Monocl
The main objective of the project is to achieve accelerated digitization in the healthcare sector to provide opportunities for cost-effective and efficient delivery of personalized care services,
TEMA seeks to advance the analysis of "extreme data" within the field of natural disaster management.