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Data-driven applications using AI techniques are reshaping various industries such as manufacturing, tourism, and mobility. The European Strategy for Data has led to the development of Common European data spaces, yet the governance of the data life cycle in organizations has not kept up with the rapid technology evolution and remains largely manual. A systematic mechanism is needed to ingest, integrate, and process data, thus boosting the ability to develop new data-centric business models. In this context, Cyclops’ general objective is to provide interoperable, trustworthy, and secure automatic management, governance, and maintenance of the entire data life cycle for large-scale volumes of data generated in heterogeneous distributed sources to enable data sharing and exchange in data spaces.

Our role

Two different teams of R&D Spain are contributing to this project. On the one hand, the CS Team is contributing to the provision of cybersecurity mechanisms for ensuring the robust and resilient operation of AI models in extreme data scenarios. On the other hand, the Identity Management & Privacy Team is contributing with identity management mechanisms to identify and give access to the users of the platform in a decentralised and trusted manner.