Developing end-to-end solutions to unveil the power of data and Artificial Intelligence in the computing continuum.

Daniel Calvo Alonso

Daniel Calvo

Artificial Intelligence & Business Computing R&D Manager

The Artificial Intelligence and Business Computing research area is focused on the development of innovative software solutions and services powered by the most advanced and innovative Artificial Intelligence techniques. Our goal is to enhance and extend the capabilities of Eviden BDS AI products with new functionalities required by our customers and leveraging the most recent advances in the state-of-the-art.

The different teams that belong to this area work specifically in the following subjects:

  • Development of AI video analytics solutions to perform classification, detection and tracking in real-time.
  • Enable the most powerful AI models to be efficiently trained and served using in a dynamic, intelligent and sustainable manner the most appropriate resources from the computing continuum and with a special focus on High-Performance Computing (HPC).
  • Orchestrate and automate the complete life cycle of AI models by applying the Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) paradigm.
  • Implementation of solutions to enable AI models to be compliant with ethical and trustworthy regulations, ensuring data confidentiality preservation.