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PLATON is a national project (funded under the Next Generation scheme) driving the transition from traditional electricity distribution networks to smart distribution networks. These networks face complex management issues due to the variability and uncertainty associated with renewable energy sources. 
The project will develop a digital platform designed and built for the energy data space, integrating artificial intelligence-based services to improve the operation and planning of distribution networks with a high penetration of renewable energy sources. Federated learning techniques will be used to train machine learning models; this will have an impact on current approaches to data exchange and integration in the energy sector, as most rely on centralised strategies that are vulnerable to data security and privacy issues.

Our role

Eviden is one of the four partners in the project and is leading the way in the creation of the Data Space and the incorporation of MLOps functionalities to be used by the Energy AI services (provided by UPC), acting over the data provided by Estabanell and ingested using iGRID technologies.