federated data and intelligence Orchestration & sharing for the Digital Energy transitiON

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ODEON's primary objective is to revolutionise the Digital Energy transition in the EU. By integrating Smart IoT Platforms and decentralized intelligence, the project aims to enhance resilience and sustainability. With a focus on reducing dependence on external sources, ODEON advocates for the intensified integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in key sectors. The key technological components, including the ODEON Cloud-Edge Data and Intelligence Service Platform, ensure a reliable, and scalable framework. The collaborative nature of the project aligns with the objectives of the Digitalization of Energy Action Plan (DoEAP), with validation through large-scale demonstrations across several European countries for successful replication and market uptake.


Our role

BDS R&D Spain plays a pivotal role in the ODEON project, leading both the Technical Coordination and the key WP4 along with overseeing two integral tasks, T4.3 and T4.4. In addition, BDS R&D Spain is actively contributing to the rest of the WPs, both from the perspective of Trustworthy AI and Data Spaces.
In WP4, entitled Federated Data Sharing and Distributed Intelligence, BDS R&D Spain spearheads efforts to establish a robust framework for collaborative data sharing and intelligent orchestration. This work package is central to achieving ODEON's mission to revolutionize the Digital Energy transition.

Within WP4, BDS R&D Spain is leading Task 4.3, which focuses on Federated Intelligence Engines and Secure Multi-party computations. This involves the development and implementation of federated intelligence engines that operate collaboratively while ensuring the security of multi-party computations, a critical aspect in enhancing the overall intelligence orchestration within the project.
Simultaneously, BDS R&D Spain is leading Task 4.4, which focuses on the configuration and orchestration of AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) systems, contributing to the seamless integration and functionality of these systems within the broader ODEON framework.