PISTIS brings forward a reference federated data sharing / trading and monetisation platform for secure, trusted and controlled exchange and usage of proprietary data assets and data-driven intelli
GREEN.DAT.AI will demonstrate the efficiencies of the new large-scale data analytics services in four industries (Smart Energy, Smart Agriculture/Agri-food, Smart Mobility, Smart Banking) and six d
SECURED will address the limitations which prevent the widespread use of SMPC and effective anonymisation (due to the lack of well understood and standardised data anonymisation methods for health
HiDALGO2 aims to explore synergies between modelling, data acquisition, simulation, data analysis and visualisation along with achieving better scalability on current and future HPC and AI infrastr
The main objective of the PREDICT-6G is to design, create and validate e2e 6G solutions providing deterministic services over multiple inter-connected domains and technologies (inc
The main objective of the project is to achieve accelerated digitization in the healthcare sector to provide opportunities for cost-effective and efficient delivery of personalized care services,
TEMA seeks to advance the analysis of "extreme data" within the field of natural disaster management.
VIGILANT’s overall objective is to provide a comprehensive framework and methodology that integrates the latest developments in tools tailored to analyse, detect, mitigat
6GDAWN focuses on scalable and distributed management plane design to support massive deployment of network slices to enable services like XR applications.
IoT developers face a very fragmented landscape made of very different devices, from bare metal devices with few KB of RAM and limited or no security protection to devices equipped with powerful su
LAGO (Lessen data Access and Governance Obstacles) will develop a European research data ecosystem (EU-RDE) roadmap for the f
SEDIMARK focuses on merging the expertise of a large team of specialists to build a decentralized, secure, reliable and intelligent data and services marketplace&nbs
FERMI's will exploit a holistic and cross-disciplinary methodology towards a framework that will thoroughly analyze disinformation and fake news (D&FN) and their sources, in combinati
SUNRISE aims to increase the resilience of critical infrastructures in order to be ready for future major events, in the light of the experience acquired during the COVID pandemics.
While media organizations increasingly support non-linear experiences for the consumer, those are still limited to single channels and media domains.
Mobility in the urban and maritime domains hugely impacts the global economy, generating data at high rates from an increasing number of moving objects.
OpenContinuum supports the cloud-edge-IoT domain by focusing on the supply side of the computing continuum landscape.
​​​​​​​TANGO will establish improved data sharing across sectors in a citizen-centric, secure and reliable manner, developing innovative solutions while addressing the challenges of environmental d