Smart Farm and Agri-environmental Big Data Space

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AgriDataValue is a six-year project that aims to establish itself as the "game changer" in smart farming and agri-environmental monitoring, strengthening smart farming capacity, competitiveness and fair incomes through the introduction of an innovative, intelligent, multi-technology, fully distributed platform of platforms.​​​​​​​
To achieve technological maturity and massive acceptance, AgriDataValue adopts and adapts a multi-dimensional approach that combines state-of-the-art Big Data and Dataspaces technologies (BDVA/IDSA/Gaia-X) with agricultural knowledge, new business models and agri-environmental policies, leveraging existing platforms and edge computing, and introducing novel concepts, methods, tools, pilots and engagement campaigns to go beyond today's state of the art, perform breakthrough research and create sustainable innovation in upscaling (real-time) sensor data, already evident within the project lifetime.

Our role

Eviden is leading the AgriDataValue data space platform including features such as edge-driven analytics, federated Deep Machine Learning and explainable AI (XAI).​​​​​​​

The project will facilitate the continuation of work initiated in others such as FlexiGroBots, DEMETER or Grapevine. R&D Spain's objective will be to make progress in the convergence between novel dataspace prototypes and AI capabilities.