Introduces novel research and innovation concepts, to establish itself as the “IoT Engine” that will fuel the Next Generation of IoT as a part of the European Next Generati
Personalised Medicine (PerMed) opens unexplored frontiers to treat diseases at the individual level combining clinical and omics information. However, the performances of the current simu
5G Catalonia project has been selected as one of the grantees of second call for pilot development aids.
MediaVerse aims to enable all sorts of content creators, from traditional publishers and freelance creators or ar
Based on the cyber resilience concept, the innovation of the FISHY project relies on the implementation of news strategies to leverage data analytics, distributed ledger technology, int
5GROUTES will conduct advanced field trials of most representative and innovative Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) applications across a designated 5G cross-border corri
5GMED covers Connected and Automated Mobility aiming to bring sustainable 5G deployment model for future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor (Figueres-Perpigna
Millions of people around the world are affected by man-made and natural disasters – from hurricanes and fires to explosions and earthquakes – every year. STRATEGY project will address crisis management, validated by sustainable tests and evaluation frameworks that can improve the crisis management and disaster resilience capabilities.
AFFORDABLE5G, project coordinated by our New Media, Edge & Technologies team, will create a 5G network that delivers a complete and affordable solution covering the needs of pr
The S4Allcities Digital Twins, specialize in the digital representation and machine understanding of major real-time processes and objects which are encountered in physical urban smart spaces.
Smart5Grid aims to revolutionize the Energy Vertical industry through the successful establishment of four fundamental functio
PENELOPE proposes a novel methodology linking product-centric data management and production planning and scheduling
Search & Rescue will design, implement and test a highly interoperable, modular open architecture platform for first responders. First re
GEIGER will be an innovative solution with associated components and an Education Ecosystem addressing security, privacy and data protection risks of and for Small and Medium-sized
The objective of ENSURESEC is to deliver a sociotechnical solution for safeguarding e-commerce operations against cyber and physical threats.
GRIDS will support and simplify the online onboarding of individual and business customers, mostly SMEs, materializing very high time and effort savings.
Integrated and mobile-based solution for physical access control based on high-assurance levels cyber identity evidence such as eID card or ePassport, and
The drone services market is forecasted to become 63.6 b$ by 2025.