Cognitive Robotic System for Digitalized and Networked (Automated) Insect Farms

CoRoSect H2020 project
Ignacio Elicegui
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
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CoRoSect addresses the dramatic need of coupling research on bionomics and life cycle of insects intended to be used as food and feed, with new robotic tools and protocols for mechanization and automation of insect farming, which is a critical point stressed by the Technical Expert Consultation on Assessing the Potential of Insects as Food and Feed in Assuring Food Security.

CoRoSect forms a novel integrated cognitive robotic ecosystems where the repetitive but also cognitively and physically demanding tasks requiring increased manual effort or continuous human supervision during the insects’ lifecycle, are replaced by automatic robotic-based procedures which will also draw upon research performed on understanding biological, technical and economic requirements of insect rearing and optimizing all involved processes. Focusing on real insect rearing problems, CoRoSect technologies will evaluated through large-scale pilots in 5 insect farms placed in 5 European countries rearing three of the most commonly occurring species, thereby contributing essentially to a secure and sustainable food supply in Europe.

Our role

In the context of this project, ATOS will mainly act as the system integrator for the CoRoSect platform. Additionally, ATOS will provide part of the intelligence for the robotic components, as well as a tool to orchestrate all the components (both robotic and human) components of the system. ATOS will as well contribute to various transversal developments within CoRoSect consortium.

CoRoSect consortium
CoRoSect H2020 project

CoRoSect Final Press Release

CoRoSect has successfully concluded in March 2024.
Corosect 1st pilot in Norway
CoRoSect H2020 project

Press Release - First pilot of the CoRoSect project

Voss, Norway, 1-9 May.