EU Project CoRoSect Comes to a Close: New Dawn for Insect Farming Practices Begins

CoRoSect consortium

CoRoSect has successfully concluded in March 2024. The project's goal was to foster collaborative environments between humans and robots, while also streamlining labour-intensive tasks in insect farming production. BDS R&D Spain was in charge of the integration of all the robots and the design and deployment of the route manager for the autonomous vehicles and the obstacle detector. 

The overarching goal was to significantly contribute to the optimization and automatization of small and medium-sized insect farms that breed and rear black soldier flies, mealworms and crickets. Thus, CoRoSect introduced an integrated cognitive ecosystem that replaces monotonous and challenging tasks of insect farming with automated processes.

Corosect 1st pilot in Norway
CoRoSect H2020 project

Press Release - First pilot of the CoRoSect project

Voss, Norway, 1-9 May.