Demonstration of 5G solutions for SMART energy GRIDs of the future

Smart5Grid H2020 project
Sonia Castro
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

Smart5Grid aims to revolutionize the Energy Vertical industry through the successful establishment of four fundamental functions of modern smart grids. The following use cases will demonstrate that 5G networks provide high efficiency, resilience and elasticity, opening many doors to the energy verticals and thus transforming them into evolved and high-performance smart grids: 

  • Automatic power distribution grid fault detection 
  • Remote inspection of automatically delimited working areas at distribution level 
  • Millisecond level precise demand- respond monitoring control 
  • Real-time wide area monitoring in a creative cross-border scenario 

Smart5Grid also proposes an open 5G experimental facility supporting integration, testing and validation of 5G services and NetApps from third parties. Moreover, to supply start-ups and newcomers with the opportunity to accelerate their growth in the energy industry, Smart5Grid provides an open access NetApp repository, provisioning support and assistance to third parties through a clear and trustworthy experimentation roadmap.  

Our role

Within this project of the SN&S Unit, the team composed of Sonia Castro, Borja OturaPaula Encinar and Carmen San Román, is responsible for leading WP2 focused on use case design, NetApps requirements definition and Smart5Grid platform architecture. Moreover, they lead the liaison and interaction activities with all the ongoing 5GPPP initiatives.

In addition, ARI contributes to the analysis of system requirements, participates in the NFV automated testing and validation framework, while also collaborating in the preparation of the Smart5Grid field platform to support the uninterrupted operation of the smart grid and the integration of high levels of variable renewable energy sources.