Smart Spaces Safety and Security for All Cities

S4ALLCITIES H2020 project
José Ramón Martínez Salios
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

The S4Allcities Digital Twins, specialize in the digital representation and machine understanding of major real-time processes and objects which are encountered in physical urban smart spaces. The S4AllCities approach centers around the development of three modular digital twin sub-systems, each bringing a complementary level of intelligence to the smart city:

  • Distributed Edge Computing IoT Platform: DECIoT, responsible for the intelligent edge processing of sensor observations & measurements.

  • Malicious Actions Information Detection System: MAIDS, responsible for machine detection and intelligent understanding of behavior.

  • Augmented Context Management System: ACMS, responsible for the augmented reality and intelligence under a Common Operational Picture.

Our role

ATOS is in charge of the technical coordination of the Project with the missions of technical progress monitoring, the assessment of the exchange of technical information among partners and the supervision of the technical deliverables.

Furthermore, ATOS leads the design of the architecture and the implementation of the system in the pilots. In other technical role, ATOS has developed many Computer Vision (CV) modules for S4AllCities dealing with many aspects of the project. Finally ATOS leads the exploitation strategy and effort of the project.