A coordinated framework for cyber resilient supply chain systems over complex ICT infraestructures

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José Francisco Ruiz
Atos Spain
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
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Based on the cyber resilience concept, the innovation of the FISHY project relies on the implementation of news strategies to leverage data analytics, distributed ledger technology, intent-based security service orchestration, artificial intelligence and programmable network infrastructures to effectively react and defy the effects of cyber attacks in real time on the ICT supply chain, and in particular in the IoT domain.

Together with the FISHY partners, Atos will design a novel platform that will be able to securely orchestrate a supply chain consisting of complex ICT systems - from the IoT ecosystem and the edge and cloud infrastructure to the interconnecting network infrastructure - and will enable functions related to risk and vulnerability management, accountability and mitigation strategies, security metrics and evidence-based security assurance.

Our role

Atos is the project coordinator and also leads the work package of ethics. Additionally, Atos has a strong presence in the technical work packages bringing different cybersecurity solutions to the project and our wide experience in architecture design and integration activities.

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FISHY 3rd Press release

The pertinence of runtime security is rapidly engaging companies and institutions worldwide, that are becoming more aware of their vulnerabilities and consequences of attacks, in the age of d
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