Development of a European research data ecosystem ​​​​​​​ for the fight against crime and terrorism

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José Ramón Martínez
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LAGO (Lessen data Access and Governance Obstacles) will develop a European research data ecosystem (EU-RDE) roadmap for the fight against crime and terrorism (FCT). This concept will include tools, architecture rules, governance, quality standards, etc for the creation and maintenance of a repository of research data used by the security forces and bodies of the different European states.

To this end, LAGO aims to address the lack of domain-specific data with sufficient quality and quantity to enable adequate training and testing of the developed methods, tools and platforms.

Our role

ARI leads T4.6, related to secure publication of data, and participates in more than other twelve tasks. We contribute to the project with our knowledge in AI-computer vision to deploy federated learning with highly sensitive data and where the safeguarding of security and privacy is crucial (terrorism, organized crime, child abuse, etc). 

Our participation in LAGO will allow us to continue developing our capabilities in AI, training models, advanced tools for privacy protection (data encryption, training with encrypted data), defense against attacks and increasing of confidence in AI systems (adversary attacks, data poisoning, etc.). This is an important project for ATOS and ARI; almost ten European national police corps are participating on it, including Guardia Civil and Cuerpo Nacional de Policía in Spain.