Energy-efficient AI-ready Data Spaces

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GREEN.DAT.AI will demonstrate the efficiencies of the new large-scale data analytics services in four industries (Smart Energy, Smart Agriculture/Agri-food, Smart Mobility, Smart Banking) and six different application scenarios, leveraging the use of European Data Spaces.
The ambition is to exploit mature solutions already developed in recent H2020 projects and deliver an efficient, massively distributed, open-source, green, AI/FL - ready platform, and a validated go-to-market Toolbox for AI-ready Data Spaces. ​​​​​​​The most relevant objective for the project is to ensure the efficient use of energy in any available data processing infrastructure. ​​​​​​​

Our role

Through the Data Space Team at BDS R&D Spain, Eviden leads the WP2, focused on the implementation of the underlying infrastructure and tools required to support energy efficient and decentralised large-scale AI-ready data spaces.

GreenDatAI Kickoff meeting in Athens (9-10 February, 2023) 

WP2 will:

  • Design and implement the Big Data Analytics infrastructure and the Federated Data Sovereignty services.
  • Develop flexible visualization tools to facilitate the analysis, understanding and exploration of data and outcomes of AI/ML services.
  • Develop powerful data analytics tools and a workflow management engine that can be executed over the highly decentralized infrastructure.
  • Improve the security of the computations and the confidentiality of the data through Trusted Execution Environments.
  • Provide an integrated platform for the employment of services and their demonstration.

The design and development of Data Spaces –aligned with the EU's IDSA and Gaia-X initiatives– is one of the main objectives for Eviden for the next years. Data Spaces focus on enhancing data exchange between heterogeneous databases and facilitating business models based on data sharing.