Digital Credentials for Europe

Alberto Crespo
Funding Program
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DC4EU will aid in the development of the technical infrastructure to support the interoperability and implementation of the European Digital Identity Framework, through a two-year, large-scale, cross-border pilot of the European Digital Identity Wallet in compliance with the EU Toolbox process. Four use cases will be developed to test interoperability and scalability in the national domain and in multiple cross-border contexts to provide feedback to the European Commission and Member States for iterative updates. DC4EU aims to apply the European Union’s eIDAS trust framework with a focus on the education and social security fields.

DC4EU provides tangible support to the public and private sectors in these domains by deploying and accessing state-of-the-art trans-European interoperable digital service infrastructures and integrating them into a cross-border trust framework.

The project involves 43 public stakeholders and 50 organisations from 22 States, including wallet issuers, credential issuers and involving various Qualified Trust Service Providers, Trust Service Providers and authentication sources to enable comprehensive testing of the wallet using Qualified Electronic Attestations of Attributes, Electronic Attestations of Attributes and credentials.

DC4EU kick-off meeting. Madrid, 24-25 May 2023
Our role

Eviden is a full consortium partner in this new project, where it is leading a coordination task with the EC regarding the alignment with the technical specifications and reference implementation that the project will take into account. As a major contributor to the development of open source software for components, used to issue and verify information to/from reference EU Digital Identity wallet releases in the context of the new eIDAS identity ecosystem, from R&D Spain we are leading a task for iterative, bi-directional alignment of the project with the eIDAS Expert Group responsible for both specifications and wallet releases.

This participation in DC4EU will enable a strategic positioning with the EC and Member States for the expected high market demand for eIDAS 2.0 identity ecosystem components and services. Eviden will help to validate technologies of long-term relevance for multi-stakeholder adoption in large cross-border and pre-production level scenarios across multiple domains, contributing to the process of refining the eIDAS 2.0 technical specifications and reference wallet releases and gaining valuable insights that the company can apply to its identity and access management products and services.