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ExPEDite’s approach is to develop and integrate modular components that can be used to analyse and predict the energy performance of a district under various “what-if” scenarios. These components form a district Digital Twin, enabling not only visualisation of the built environment, but also real-time information on energy flows and spatio-temporal optimisation of the district’s energy needs. This tool allows district planning actions to be designed, analysed and compared, leading to evidence-based decision making.

Our role

BDS R&D Spain is leading T3.3 “Data Spaces integration suite” and D3.3 “Data Spaces Connectors”. The main expectations for Eviden in this project are:
•     Define the most appropriate data schema and data connectors to enable the correct interactions between the entities involved.
•     Contribute to the definition of data models that allow easy connection to Data Spaces.
•    Establish links with Omega-X's Energy Data Spaces as the final stage of a Data Spaces federation.
•    Demonstrate the benefits of adhering to Data Spaces principles and standardisation in order to connect to other Data Spaces.
Therefore, Eviden will significantly increase the knowledge about Data Spaces for the energy market and improve its expertise to advance as a key player in the development of the GAIA-X principles and modules.
In that line, the involvement of Eviden in the project will assure the data collected inside the project could be shared with other Data Spaces guaranteeing the GAIA-X principles have been followed.