Energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction of ICT services for next-generation mobile telecommunications (6G)

Funding Program
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Project Date

The main objective of the project is to devise and explore a novel approach for energy consumption and carbon-footprint reduction of ICT services in the era of next-generation mobile telecommunications (6G), providing mechanisms to improve energy efficiency during the end-to-end ICT service delivery.


Our role

Eviden BDS R&D Spain is responsible for improving energy related metrics observability of cloud-native network functions (NFs), specifically within Kubernetes (K8s) environments targeting greener deployments. This involves mapping the energy consumption of hardware components to their corresponding containers/pods, incorporating energy production from local renewable sources, and extending this observability to span the entire service chain across multiple domains. This enables application workload management based on energy-efficient algorithms, facilitating K8s workload migrations to take advantage of available renewable resources, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint while maintaining desired performance.
Furthermore, Eviden will explore methods for predicting resource consumption and production to proactively adapt power states for idle management or select model types based on available resources.