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The main objective of SAFE-6G project is to develop Smart and Adaptive Framework for Enhancing Trust in 6G Networks, leveraging (X)AI/ML techniques to coordinate user-centric safety, security, privacy, resilience, and reliability functions, strategically optimizing the Level of Trust (LoT) as a pivotal Key Value Indicator (KVI).

Our role

The role of BDS R&D Spain in this project is implementing a framework for AI/ML Operations in user-centric 6G systems, ensuring network flexibility and resource reallocation and increasing intelligence at service and management levels.

BDS Digital ID Team also participates in this project covering aspects related to security and privacy through the exploration of an Identity Management System which allows users to have control over their data. The role of Digital ID in this project is to research and implement a decentralized identity management prototype based on Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) concepts.