Interoperable solutions for implementing holistic flexibility services in the distribution grid

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Juan Sancho
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H2020 h2020
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The project aims to allow the power distribution grid to operate in a secure and stable manner when a large share of variable renewable electricity sources is connected to low and medium voltage grids. Concretely, partners will seek: to improve the power system flexibility; to increase the observability, controllability, and automation of the network systems; to mitigate short-term and long-term congestion in the distributed grid, and to ensure the interoperability and compatibility of the developed solutions with different platforms used by European DSOs (Distribution system operators).

Our role

Atos will make use of the shuttle FUSE Energy Platform, to facilitate the replicability of services and solutions in four pilots, integrating different Hardware and Software solutions to fully exploit the data provided by Local and Distributed Energy Resources. This way, FLEXIGRID solutions will be interoperable with the IT systems used by the energy stakeholders, increasing its replication potential.

Flexigrid logo
Flexigrid logo

Atos paves the way for flexible and sustainable energy flow in Europe

FLEXIGRID project aims to improve the operation of the distribution grid – making it more flexible, reliable and cost-efficient, through the development of innovative solutions.