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Jose Ramón Martinez
Atos Spain
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The drone services market is forecasted to become 63.6 b$ by 2025. UAVs data processing poses Big Data and IoT challenges by the requirement for analysis of non-standard IoT data including images and video files and streams. This makes necessary specific Edge and Cloud mechanisms for data management and processing, also tools and mechanisms to automate the deployment of software tools at UAV, Edge, and Cloud, as well as, specific AGVs services linked to data acquisition, processing, and management.

Through I-FLY, UAV providers will be able to buy and deploy different types of IT Software services over distributed UAV, Edge and Clouds, and data management workflows, to complement their current offering while creating a company portfolio for on-demand inspections booked through the marketplace.

Our role

We are responsible for the development of front-end and back-end of the marketplace, orchestration of services, development of specialized IT services including AI and CV algorithms, and as business champions of the project, we are in charge of the business, communication and go-to-market activities with the support of the Innovation Hub team.

Particularly, the team from the HSD and Societal Transformation Unit is bringing its capabilities for the development of novel surveillance and inspection services for the detection of incidents and/or damages on Critical Infrastructures based on AI and Computer Vision, which makes part of the Smart Vision shuttle.