Security, trust and privacy to ensure the protection of citizens and organizations

Rodrigo Diaz

Rodrigo Díaz

R&D Team Leader


Our mission is to address cybersecurity challenges from a technological perspective in a coherent and holistic way, placing people at the centre of technology and processes. Our ultimate goal objective is to safeguard both citizens and organizations against evolving threats like cybercrime and cyber terrorism, all while upholding fundamental rights, particularly trust, privacy and data protection. To this end, we diligently engage in research and development, focusing on innovation in cyber incident detection, impact assessment, and collaborative response. We are committed to delivering solutions that are not only effective but also intelligent, user-friendly, and context-aware.



Online Security Technology

Positioned as a global leader in cybersecurity, we are committed to developing integrated and multi-layered cybersecurity solutions. Our approach involves a combination of robust cybersecurity mechanisms, user education, and awareness, supported by well-defined processes, best practices, and governance. Through this strategic vision, we aim to proactively address current and future challenges in security across diverse domains, including IoT/IIoT/OT, critical infrastructures, 5G/6G networks, secure computing continuum, secure and resilient AI-based systems, SOCs/CERTs/CSIRTs operations and collaboration, social networks, continuous risk assessment and pentesting automation, among many others.


Our research is underpinned by a triad of core values: usability, intelligence, and automation:

  • Usable security is at the very core of our innovation. To this end, our assets provide accurate information to every decision-maker in the organization to guide security analysts in the threat management process.
  • Intelligence: working alongside AI and ML in the cybersecurity arena with the objective of making the solutions capable of comprehending the relationships between different observations in an enterprise environment and to identify behavioural models for every element of the organization.
  • Security automation seamlessly integrated across tools and processes to minimize manual intervention wherever possible. This, coupled with our focus on usability and intelligence, enables us to achieve an intelligence-driven cyber defence strategy.



L-ADS: Live Anomaly Detection System

The L-ADS is a soft real-time anomaly-based network intrusion detection system. It monitors the network traffic in segments of an OT infrastructure and detects anomalous behaviour in such communications.