Tailored IoT & Big Data Sandboxes and Testbeds for Smart, Autonomous and Personalised services in the European Finance and Insurance services ecosystem

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Carmen Perea
Jose Gato
GFT Italia
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

Aims to lower the barriers for Big Data, IoT, and AI-driven innovation, boosting regulatory compliance, and stimulating additional investment.

The project will provide:

  • Novel Big Data and IoT technologies for seamless management and querying of all types of data, interoperable analytics, blockchain-based data sharing, real-time analytics, as well as libraries of advanced AI algorithms.
  • Regulatory tools incorporating various data governance capabilities and facilitating compliance to regulations such as PSD2, 4AMLD, and MIFiD II.
  • Nine novel and configurable testbeds and sandboxes, each one offering Open APIs and other resources for validating autonomous and personalised solutions, including the collection of data assets for finance and insurance.
Our role

Our team leads the development of regulatory compliance tools through mapping data governance mechanisms while connecting and orchestrating various mechanisms in specific scenarios of the sector such as credit risk scoring or product personalisation. We also lead the activities related to the Large-scale pilots of SHARP Financial and Insurance Services (Smart, Holistic, Autonomy, Personalised and Regulatory Compliance) that foresees the integration and deployment of these services covering all aspects of Big Data, AI, and IoT. In addition, our team is responsible for the pilot related to personalised insurance products based on IoT connected vehicles for transforming the insurance sector and create a basis for automating processes like fraud detection and insurance claims management.

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Atos collaborates in the European INFINITECH project for the finance and insurance sectors

INFINITECH will select 14 high-impact pilot projects to learn about customers, analyse them, manage their portfolios, anticipate fraud, use insurance and especially in agriculture.