Integrated modular energy systems and local flexibility trading for neural energy islands

Miguel Rodriguez
Hypertech Energy Labs
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

MERLON introduces an integrated modular local energy management framework for the holistic operational optimisation of local energy systems in the presence of high shares of volatile distributed renewable energy sources. Optimisation in MERLON applies to multiple levels spanning optimal coordination of local generation as well as flexibility provision to facilitate maximum integration of renewable energy, avoidance of curtailment, and satisfaction of balancing/ancillary grid needs.

In this sense MERLON will enable the realisation of novel business models, allowing local energy communities to introduce themselves in local flexibility markets while assigning to local Distribution System Operators the tools for the provision of added value services to the overlay distribution grid.

Our role

Atos is leading the representation of the project in the BRIDGE cluster. Also, we are technical leaders in charge of outlining the architecture and implementing integration and orchestration of the different modules of the final tool.