The 24-month project will allow third parties to provide high-value services in green and smart mobility for citizens, companies, and public administrations.

Funded by the European Commission under the Connecting Europe Facilities (CEF) program, GreenMov was launched in September 2021. The goal of the project is to harmonize data models and pursue green mobility services by high-value open data sets provided by European cities through several open data portals.

Nowadays, cities are collecting and publishing mobility data as open data; and IT providers are developing tools and applications which analyze and exploit that data in form of services for citizens, companies and public administrations. Despite the huge generation and use of data in recent times, there are still opportunities for improvement in terms of data harmonization to allow valuable services integrating data coming from different sources.

Thanks to GreenMov, green and smart mobility will be improved for citizens, companies and public administrations pivoting around three purposes:

  • The definition of Smart Data Models and a Core Vocabulary to harmonize different data sets.
  • Development of cross-services to connect diverse data sources and to promote shared functionality.
  • Cost and environmental efficiency due to enhancing a better coordination between cities and regions through data portals.

In addition to these three core values, GreenMov will provide a conceptual architecture based on Context Broker Building Block for the intensive-use and real-time features in any scenario of mobility, aiming for a serverless architecture to achieve a horizontal scalability which will be validated on three real-life pilots: noise and air pollution monitoring for more efficient mobility (Nice, France); sustainable enabler for smart and green mobility data reuse (Flanders Region, Belgium); and improvement of mobility flows, intramodality and environmental parameters (Murcia/Molina del Segura, Spain).

Thanks to its technical approach, GreenMov will enable interoperability between cities and regions for sharing data, services and even benefits related to cost reduction, environmental commitment, citizens satisfaction, and creation of new business opportunities based on easier development of added-value services for mobility and the facilitation of access to open mobility data.

The project is coordinated by Atos, and its consortium involves companies, research centers and public administrations from four different EU-Member states: HOPU, MT3, imec, Université Côte d'Azur – IMREDD, FIWARE Foundation, Murcia and Molina del Segura municipalities, and Digital Vlaanderen.

To get more info, please contact Clara Pezuela, coordinator of GreenMove project.