Project HIDALGO has recently been completed, passing the final review in early May 2022.

Urban Air Pollution Use Case Simulation

The project has achieved multiple objectives as a Center of Excellence addressing Global Challenges in HPC. One of its main achievements has been the implementation of the four use cases that support decision-making in four areas: Migration, Social Networks, Urban Air Pollution and COVID-19 Propagation. These use cases include tasks related to simulations (including agent based and CFD tools) as well as data analysis and AI models, which can be run on many cores provided by the HPC systems.

HIDALGO has achieved a very good scalability in the implemented codes. In the case of social network message dissemination simulations, one simulation was able to use more than 100,000 cores. Other cases, such as migration, achieved a parallelization of more than 16,000 cores and simulations such as urban air pollution reached a resolution of several million cells. In addition, the consortium analyzed and benchmarked multiple architectures as a way to understand future ways to improve scalability.
These achievements, together with the launch of a portal with several services (easy execution of simulations, data catalog, support tools, online training, etc.), now offer an interesting way to address global challenges for policymakers and other stakeholders.