The project will hold a workshop and present a paper to which ARI has contributed an author

"MARV: Multimodal and Responsive Data Processing with AI and deliVery in Smart Cities" is the title of the MARVEL's workshop that the IEEE International Conference on Smart Cities has included within its program of events.  

In addition, the organization has also communicated that the paper Design Guidelines for Apache Kafka Driven Data Management and Distribution in Smart Cities has been accepted for presentation at ISC2 2022 and inclusion in the IEEE proceedings. Tomás Pariente Lobo (Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Unit) is one of the authors of this paper, an abstract of which can already be consulted at Researchgate.

Marvel IEEE

According to its website, "IEEE Smart Cities brings together IEEE’s broad array of technical societies and organizations to advance the state of the art for smart city technologies for the benefit of society and to set the global standard in this regard by serving as a neutral broker of information amongst industry, academic, and government stakeholders".