Enabling the Remote Coordination and Interworking of First Responders in Emergency Situations


Last 1st of May, the execution of the first round of TrialsNet Open Calls sub-projects was kicked off. Among the granted sub-projects, Eviden BDS R&D will lead and execute one of the sub-projects belonging to the eHealth and Emergency cluster, focused on enabling the “Remote Coordination and Interworking of First Responders in Emergency Situations”. This project was granted after TrialsNet accepted the proposal presented by Eviden BDS R&D in January 2024, which was selected among 158 applicants. The project proposal drafting was led by Eviden BDS R&D Spain in collaboration with BDS Mission Critical Systems (MCS), distributed among Switzerland, Austria & Croatia. Both teams will execute the open call.

The  at BDS R&D Spain will play the role of project manager in the sub-project, which will run for a total of 12 months and will will focus on enabling remote coordination and interworking between different public agencies or first responders in emergency situations. To this end, Eviden will provide a complete 5G MCx solution that will integrate a 5G Advanced Interworking Function (IWF) designed to support the delivery of MCx over 5G and interworking with legacy critical communications systems such as PBX.

Through its Smart Networks team Eviden BDS R&D Spain will play the role of Project Manager by leveraging its expertise in EU R&D projects to drive and manage the open call execution, representing Eviden towards TrialsNet Consortium, attending project meetings, and submitting deliverables. 

Eviden BDS MCS will exploit its knowledge and experience in MCx products to develop the complete 5G MCx solution. This team will bring the expertise and equipment required to perform the development, integration, and the execution of the open call trials.

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