Modern and Innovative Protector Against Wildfire

sylvanus project

The SILVANUS project brings together a large consortium of interdisciplinary experts from four continents to combat the threat of forest fires and improve forest resilience against climate change. The key output of the project is the release of a climate resilient forest management platform to prevent and suppress forest fire.

Take a look at the SILVANUS promotional video, assembling footage shot on location in Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Indonesia and Australia, shot by SILVANUS partners Terraprima, Venaka TReLeaf, Micro Digital, Croatian Firefighting Association, AMIKOM Yogyakarta University, and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Footage locations include the pilot sites of Gargano National Park in Italy, Sebangau National Park in Indonesia, Cova da Beira in Portugal, along with footage from Natural Park Telašćica and the Kvarner Gulf in Croatia.

The video is telling a visual story on how the SILVANUS platform will help in achieving a quicker and more effective response to extreme wildfire, emphasising a holistic approach, taking into account safety of households, communities, and property, durability of infrastructure, quick response of firefighters, and biodiversity restoration.