Big Data for Next Generation Energy

BD4NRG H2020 Project
Arturo Medela
Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

BD4NRG aims to enable an incremental decentralized energy data-driven ecosystem and a collaborative data sovereignty driven ecosystem.

The goal is to unlock and exploit the economic potential of big data and give to Energy Sector stakeholders, the opportunity to improve their business operational performance. To achieve this and to address the emerging challenges in big data management, BD4NRG partners will develop, adapt, deliver and deploy a distributed big data energy analytics framework - BD4NRG Framework, consisting of:

  • Several distributed intelligent collaborative federated nodes, the BD4NRG Data Hubs
  • A graphically enriched Open Modular Big Data Analytics Energy Toolbox
  • scalable big-data energy analytics environment


Our role

Atos leads the activities that drive the process required to build the BD4NRG-MARKETPLACE, which will be the external stakeholders' introduction to the bulk of the project. To this extent, the expertise brought via FUSE and AGORA platforms will play a significant role in this action.

In addition, following at technical level, Atos will be leading the tasks in which data quality and compliance will be defined and the tools for its assessment developed. Finally, due to its strong involvement in multiple international initiatives, Atos has a strong role in the community and ecosystem building, with the corresponding ramifications into the project exploitation actions.

BD4NRG Open Call
BD4NRG H2020 Project

BD4NRG Open Call for Proposals

BD4NRG Open Call will distribute up to 500.000 EUR among up to 10 SMEs and Start-ups with the initiative to bring new application experiments, by taking up and validating the results gained in the