Building the Digital Thread for Circular Economy Product, Resource & Service Management

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Diego Esteban
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H2020 h2020
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The objective is to interconnect the information along the life of a product, from concept to retirement, so that it can be easily accessed and shared. This will allow you and others to make decisions at all stages to shift to a circular economy.

To make this information available, we will develop, test, and share our open-source software platform within the next four years. It will enable digital exchanges of data across the extended product life cycle.

For example: a list of parts in the product, the materials and chemicals they contain, the product’s reuse history, and repair logs. This data will be linked to software services to provide decision recommendations.

The platform will become available in the cloud in 2025, equipped with services for collaboration, trust and security. We will test it before launch in three pilots, in Slovenia, Spain and Italy. Testing will be done together with manufacturers, repairers, retailers, collectors, recyclers and many others.

Our role

Atos is the technical coordinator of the project and leader of the Circular Digital Thread construction. This IT platform will  be a middleware for interoperability designed and implemented with the data structures, connectors and secure data exchange mechanisms to foster data sharing among all stakeholders in the value chain.