Integrated climate adaptation service tools for improving resilience measure efficiency

Miguel Ángel Esbrí
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

CLARITY aims to demonstrate the benefit of climate services for climate proofing of vulnerable large-scale investments such as urban infrastructure. CLARITY will provide an operational ecosystem of cloud-based climate services to calculate and present the expected effects of CC-induced and -amplified hazards at the level of risk, vulnerability and impact functions. CLARITY will offer what-if decision support functions to investigate the effects of adaptation measures and risk reduction options in the specific project context and allow the comparison of alternative strategies. Four Demonstration Cases will showcase CLARITY climate services in different climatic, regional, infrastructure and hazard contexts in Italy, Sweden, Austria and Spain; focusing on the planning and implementation of urban infrastructure development projects. 

CLARITY will provide the practical means to include the effects of CC hazards and possible adaptation and risk management strategies into planning and implementation of such projects, focusing on increasing CC resilience. Decision makers involved in these projects will be empowered to perform climate proof and adaptive planning of adaptation and risk reduction options. 

Our role

We are supporting the project with management activities and business activities as well as contributing actively in the dissemination & communication. From a more technical point of view, Atos contributes to the Climate Services Information System (CSIS) implementation as it is responsible for its Industrialization and final packaging. Furthermore, Atos is leading specification and implementation at a technical level within Clarity Data Package, in charge of European data processing of Urban Atlas (European cities + 50.000 citizens) which are used consequently by CSIS to analyze the climate impact on a local level.