Dynamic coverage Extension and Distributed Intelligence for human Centric Applications with assured security, privacy, and Trust: from 5G to 6G

Logo of Dedicat6G project
Fernando Díaz Bravo
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

DEDICAT 6G will enable 6G networks to combine the existing infrastructure but also to contribute with novel distribution of intelligence (data, computation and storage) to improve energy efficiency.

This initiative aims to a reduction of latency and response time but also to improve business models lowering costs for energy enterprises. It will also contribute to security, privacy and trusts systems. 

DEDICAT 6G will focus on four use cases:

- Smart warehousing.

- Enhanced experiences.

- Public Safety.

- Smart Highway.

Our role

ATOS will act as the Innovation Manager in the project, driving the design of architecture needed for the management of the infrastructure virtualization in the context of DEDICAT 6G.

ATOS will evaluate the computational distribution techniques over the centralized and distributed model as well as machine learning optimization techniques. Other aspect approached is the architectural design of these techniques for supporting migration and distribution of computing. For more advanced steps, there will be an improved coverage applying artificial intelligence mechanisms and ATOS will guide through the database being exploited. For assuring the validation of the algorithms, ATOS will bring its validation methodology to cross-check the requirement completeness. In the end, all these background research and results will be disseminated by ATOS.