Intelligent Open Test Bed for Materials Tribological Characterisation Services

Jesús Benedicto
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

i-TRIBOMAT will provide the world’s first Open Innovation Test Bed dedicated to validating and up-scaling new materials, thereby enabling intelligent Tribological Materials Characterization and fostering industrial innovation in the European manufacturing industry. i-TRIBOMAT open test bed enables user-driven versatile characterization of materials at reduced costs by also shortening the time-to-market ca. 5 times. i-TRIBOMAT will realize a unique bundle of shared tribological infrastructure and expertise consisting of >100 tribometers, materials characterization equipment and additional tools for modelling, protocols, tribo-analytics, design of experiments and online monitoring. i-TRIBOMAT will establish an IT-platform for materials and tribological data harmonization, management, analytics, sharing and mining. 

i-TRIBOMAT services will be validated by three industrially relevant use cases: energy efficiency (transportation), renewable energy (wind turbine) and manufacturing (seals) represented by large-, medium- and small-sized companies. 

Our role

Our team is responsible for contributing to the definition and implementation of the IT platform, in charge of integrating the different components that will make up the global solution of the project, and to manage the data produced in an integral way, providing for this the different mechanisms of data gathering, pre-processing, storage, applying basic analytics, and provisioning to the information management system through open interfaces.