Developing a modelling framework to understand the interactions between impacts and risks of climate change

Miguel Ángel Esbrí
Carmen Perea
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Climate Change will increase the number and intensity of heat waves and weather extremes, which we must adapt to by protecting vulnerable groups and installing resilient infrastructures. It will change the type and yield of crops we will grow and requires us to develop new, more sufficient lifestyles. At the same time, climate mitigation goals must be reached to avoid even more dramatic consequences. This is known.

But how can we make sure to reach decarbonisation goals and adapt in the best possible way to unavoidable climate impacts? Can adaptation measures cause unexpected rebound effects in other areas? How big is the risk that climate mitigation goals are overshoot by emission-intensive adaptation measures? The answers to these and many other questions are unknown.

KNOWING will last 48 months and aims to develop a modelling framework to help understand and quantify the interactions between impacts and risks of climate change, mitigation pathways and adaptation strategies:

  • Identify climate influences and interrelations.
  • Develop modelling framework.
  • Model CIC-specific Demonstrator Pathways.
  • Establish communication and collaboration channels.
Our role

ATOS will define datasets and climate mitigation pathways and also will develop the Climate Activation & Empowerment Services.