Platform for Privacy-preserving Data Analytics

Angel Palomares
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

The project aims at enabling the execution of data analytics by third parties while keeping data confidential and hence complying with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). PAPAYA project is developing a platform that enables data processing and analytics on encrypted and/or anonymized data, which will ensure that data subjects’ privacy is preserved while companies are still able to extract valuable and meaningful information from analysed data

The concept consists at first instance in designing and developing a set of modules that exploit both existing and novel approaches to protect privacy in a certain number of data analytics mechanisms. The different modules will be used in concert and in an interoperable manner in a single platform.

In addition to the privacy preserving modules, the platform will provide particular end users, such as developers, with the underlying cryptographic primitives (for instance, secure multi-party computation) that can be exploited by future new data analytics modules. The valuable insights that can be inferred from data analytics generated and collected from a variety of devices and applications are transforming businesses and are therefore one of the key motivations for organizations to adopt such technologies. Nevertheless, the data being analysed and processed are highly sensitive and put the individuals’ privacy at risk

Our role

Our team works on defining privacy-by-design approaches that support the development and integration of new Privacy-Enhancing Technologies into the relevant project Use Cases, where the privacy-utility trade-off must be assessed.