Improving the cyber security of the European electrical power energy systems (EPES)

José Ramón Martínez
Capgemini Technology Services CIS France
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

The PHOENIX approach focuses on the protection of the European end-to-end EPES (Electrical Power and Energy System) (from energy production to presumption) via the prevention, early detection and fast mitigation of cyber-attacks against EPES assets and networks and from (intentional and unintentional, internal and external) human activities, while protecting the utilities and end-users’ privacy from data breaches by design.

Expected results consider a holistic EPES security & privacy protection framework, including:

  • 5G/ inter-DLT secure & traceable communications
  • Situation Awareness, Perception & Comprehension based on privacy-preserving federated ML/zero-knowledge verification
  • Traceable/near-real-time synchronized incidents information sharing platform (I2SP)
  • GDPR Privacy Protection Toolkit
  • Innovative Security & Privacy as a service business model
  • Certification methodology and procedures (targeting TRL 7-8).
Our role

Atos provides its experience in Privacy (especially related to the blockchain) and in Machine Learning aspects related to the detection of cyber-attacks against EPES infrastructure.