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Ricard Munnè
Tomás Pariente
Atos Spain
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

The project will deliver a unique, integrated environment of curated datasets and data management, manipulation, and analysis tools addressing the full lifecycle of policy management in four distinct thematic areas and using the data analysis capabilities of the European Cloud Initiative

Our role

In PolicyCLOUD, Atos leads the project management and coordination of the project, as well as the Ethics requirements. With respect to the technical contribution, Atos is in charge of the development of several analytical tools like Situational Knowledge Acquisition & Analysis, Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis in WP4. In WP3 Atos is leading the incentives' management part of the system and in WP5 the Policy Development Toolkit including Data Visualization. Finally, Atos is responsible for the Market Analysis, Business Scenarios & Exploitation in WP7, the Innovation Management and the Roadmapping & Impact on Adoption of the tool. 

ATOS coordinates the European PolicyCloud project
HSD&SocietalTransformation_PolicyCloud logo

ATOS coordinates the European PolicyCloud project

PolicyCloud will enable innovative approaches to evidence-based policy making to improve economic growth.