Emerging technologies for the Early location of Entrapped victims under Collapsed Structures and Advanced Wearables for risk assessment and First Responders Safety in SAR operations

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Jose Gato
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H2020 h2020
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Search & Rescue will design, implement and test a highly interoperable, modular open architecture platform for first responders. First responders and rescuers need specialized instrumentations, available to all times, easily accessible that meet stringent requirements in terms of detection accuracy, quick localization, and reduction of false alarms.

The governance model of Search & Rescue will be designed to operate more effectively and its architectural structure will allow to easily incorporate next generation R&D and COTS solutions which will be possibly adopted in the future disaster management systems. Artificial Intelligence will be of paramount importance for Search & Rescue for task prioritization, risk assessment, aftermath simulation based on the data gathered on the field and to support the decision-making process.

The project will have seven different use-cases:

  1. victims trapped under rubble (Italy)
  2. mountain rescue (Greece)
  3. heavy storms between Vienna Rail Station & Kufstein railway station (Cross-border pilot, Austria-Germany)
  4. forest fire expanded and threat to industrial zone (Greece)
  5. victims trapped under rubbles (France)
  6. resilience Support for Critical Infrastructures through Standardized Training on CBRN (Romania)
  7. chemical substances spill (Spain)
Our role

Our team will work on the development of Machine Learning models and AI algorithms to be integrated in the DSS, considering strategic, tactical and organizational levels.

Logo Search & Rescue
Logo Search & Rescue

Kick-off of the Search & Rescue Project

The Kick-Off of the H2020 Search & Rescue (S&R) project officially took place on 21-22 July 2020.