A SEcure Decentralised Intelligent Data MARKetplace

Arturo Medela
Atos Spain
Funding Program
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Project Date

SEDIMARK focuses on merging the expertise of a large team of specialists to build a decentralized, secure, reliable and intelligent data and services marketplace based on distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence.

SEDIMARK enables heterogeneous data distributed across the EU to be easily and seamlessly linked, shared and exploited for various business and research scenarios. This project aims precisely to build an innovative piece of IT making sure the way data and services providers interact is efficient and sound. Testing in real use cases and proving interoperability will ensure great reusability and replicability both inside the research domain and potentially as new client-oriented services.

Our role

ATOS is the project coordinator and is in charge of the SEDIMARK Data Marketplace. 

SEDIMARK investigates in Data Spaces, a current hot topic in the EU research landscape, so the IT positioning for these big sharing grounds of data and services at EU level is strategic for Atos as a big IT player in the continent. Being aware of the most innovative solutions in this respect will greatly help in acquiring deep knowledge and testing in controlled environments the deployment of these technologies.