A Cybersecurity platform for virtualised 5G cyber range services

Antonio Álvarez
Ericsson Telecommunicazioni
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

New cyber platform to strengthen telecom cyber security. The EU-funded SPIDER project aims to deliver an innovative cyber range platform that extends and combines the capabilities of existing telecommunication test beds and cyber ranges into a unified facility.

The virtual environment will be used for help train information security professionals to deal with real-world incidents, test new security technologies, and support companies in making optimal cybersecurity investment decisions. The gamification feature will make keep training exciting and increase the collaborative ability in handling incidents and defending against cyberattacks. 

Our role

Atos brings to SPIDER our cybersecurity risk assessment engine (RAE) that will be integrated in the SPIDER platform to provide real time evaluation of cyber risks in a company by combining different sources of information (company business profile, vulnerability assessment, etc). Hence, Atos is the leader of the task T5.1 Continous Risks Analysis. Additionally we incorporate our main cybersecurity asset, XL-SIEM, to provide real time monitoring of the systems and infrastructures of an organization by processing increasing amount of data and corralating events at different levels.

Last but not least, Atos is the Innovation Manager of the project being responsible for monitoring, analysis and assessing the business and tehnical aspects of the SPIDER project in order to maximing the the potential impact of the project results.