Orlando Avila-García
et al
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BDVA's Smart Manufacturing Industry group proudly announces the publication of the second version of the Big Data Challenges in Manufacturing Industry (SMI) Whitepaper.

This 2020 version of the paper constitutes an evolution of the previous one, published in 2018 (and available here), and aims at providing both an overview of the evolution since the last release and a highlight of the more revolutionary aspects concerning Smart Manufacturing Industry and the use of data. By looking at the near past and at the near future at the same time, it represents a bridge between the current Research and Innovation (R&I) context and the future R&I policy framework which is being shaped by the European Commission. 

This paper includes an updated and deeper market and trend analysis, an assessment of future trends and scenarios for Smart Factories, Smart Product Lifecycles and Smart Supply Chain, a suggestion for a research and innovation agenda on SMI and an analysis of non-technical challenges (i.e. standardisation, skills and regulatory challenges). Finally, the document also identifies some key highly innovative trends and provides some recommendations for the future.

You can download the full paper from this link.