Juan Carlos Baun
'Fighting Cyber-Crime'

The EU Horizon 2020 KRAKEN project is dedicated to building a trusted and secure personal data platform enabling exchange and analytics of personal data.

Data sharing platforms are facing several challenges in terms of security, privacy, trust, and regulatory compliance. To address these challenges, the KRAKEN (brokerage and market platform for personal data) project [L1,L3] aims to develop a trusted and secure personal data platform, with the state-of-the-art privacy aware analytics methods, which guarantees metadata privacy and query privacy, empowering citizens to control their personal data, including sensitive data, and motivate users to share this kind of data.

KRAKEN provides a highly trusted, secure, scalable and efficient personal data sharing and analysis platform that relies on self-sovereign identity services and cryptographic tools to cover the security, privacy and user control of data. As part of the project, we are also investigating data processing mechanisms within the encrypted domain with the aim of increasing security, privacy, functionality and scalability for boosting trust.