Real-time condition-based maintenance for adaptive aircraft maintenance planning

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Luis Collar
Technische Universiteit Delft
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

Aims to reinforce the European leadership in aeronautics by developing an open-source solution for aircraft maintenance, the Integrated Fleet Health Management (IFHM) system.

By replacing fixed-interval inspection with adaptive condition-based interventions, ReMAP will have an estimated benefit to the European aviation of more than 700 million Euros per year. This is due to a direct decrease in maintenance costs, reduced unscheduled aircraft maintenance events, and increased aircraft availability.

Our role

Our team leads WP2 – Requirements Management & Development of the IT Platform, which deals with:

  • Requirements elicitation to ensure that proposed innovations can be integrated with legacy systems, practices and regulations pertaining to aircraft maintenance
  • Architecture design guaranteeing modularity, extensibility, security, and privacy
  • Development and testing of the software constituting the IT platform

In addition, we have a strong role in the tasks related to technology integration, verification, and validation on three different scenarios.