Smart dispatcher for secure and controlled sharing of distributed personal and industrial data

Victor Corral
ATB Bremen GmbH
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

SmashHit aims to address the challenges of consumer consent and data security in the connected car and smart cities environment. The project will develop a framework for processing data owner consent, legal rules, and effective contracting, as well as joint security and privacy-preserving mechanisms.

The framework will provide methods and tools, such as Smart Data Dispatcher, to assure common consent over data shared using semantic models of consent. The tools include traceability of use of data, data fingerprinting, and automatic contracting among multiple stakeholders.

The project will be driven by two industrial business cases involving several existing industrial and personal data platforms owned by leading data providers in the automotive industry, insurance, and smart city sectors. It will provide three demonstrators of various application of the developed solutions.


Our role

We are in charge of the “Smart Data Dispatcher” component - the heart of the platform - that will provide methods and tools to assure consent and quality certification of the data shared through the platform based on semantic models of consent and application of regulatory policies. The project results will be tested on pilots with Volkswagen and the insurance company LexisNexis, for the demonstration of capabilities for sharing data in real-time and allow the offering of tailored insurance packages according to the drivers’ characteristics; and Volkswagen and Forum Virium Helsinki for the management of mobility and traffic, use of electric vehicles, and parking services based on data shared by vehicles.

Atos is working on developing a Consent Certification System that enables the exchange of Personal identifiable Information (PII) within Data Providers and Data Consumers interested to develop data-driven services. We also lead the integration of the Automatic Contracting capabilities and Data Traceability functionalities. Finally, Atos is leading Business models, Innovation Management, and Exploitation to develop suitable business models which enable a fair and transparent data monetization by using PII data.