Software defined application infrastructures management and engineering

Román Sosa
Javier Nieto
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

Aims to develop a solution able to support the digital transformation of European industry by providing an optimized, highly resilient heterogeneous execution environment enabling operational transparency between Cloud and HPC infrastructures.

The technologies applied will be validated and demonstrated in a wide range of use cases highlighting a mixture of Cloud and HPC scenarios across varying workloads and unique infrastructures.

Our role

We contribute to the definition and implementation of the SODALITE DSL for the specification of complex distributed software applications and multi-platform delivery infrastructures, including HPC, Cloud, Edge, and IoT; and to the development of the Sodalite IDE and its textual/graphical editors for the Sodalite DSL.

In addition, we provide orchestrator technologies for HPC and Cloud, applying time series forecasting algorithms for determining decision trade-offs and decision making, while monitoring different infrastructure devices and providing adaptation of applications via migration of resources to different hosts.

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SODALITE releases an end-to-end IaC optimisation toolkit boosting the Digital Transformation of European Industry

The European Commission-funded project SODALITE just made available a complete set of software components to enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation and execution of applic