Smart and local renewable energy district heating and cooling solutions for sustainable living

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David Gómez
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
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Aims to demonstrate innovative 100% fossil free heating and cooling solutions for new and existing district heating and cooling systems. The solutions will integrate:

  • Multiple sources of renewable energy and excess heat from data centres
  • Advanced thermal storage to redistribute heat to buildings as needed
  • Smart technologies to increase the operational efficiency of the systems

These technologies will be implemented in four real-scale projects in Spain, Romania, Poland and Sweden. The demonstration cases will present the best practices that can be replicated across different climate zones and building types, transforming the heating and cooling sector.

Our role

Atos is the only ICT partner, and our main role is to offer the ICT platform and to control all the systems that WeDistrict uses so that the energy requirements of the buildings are met while maintaining a maximum efficiency level. This platform would work automatically but also offer the possibility to interact with the operators and energy managers of each building.

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WEDISTRICT: Smart heating solutions for a sustainable life

WEDISTRICT project has been featured in a dedicated article entitled "Smart heating solutions for a sustainable life" in the latest issue of the Magazine Climanoticias.