Shaping the future of telecommunication networks, investigating the most novel Edge Computing models and architectures, and exploring new immersive xR experiences. 


Josep Martrat

Networks and Edge Tech R&D Manager

The Network and Edge Computing area aims to develop innovative solutions for next generation of networks (beyond 5G and 6G) and edge computing to enable opportunities in vertical industries. Our goal is to contribute to the evolution and enable the competitiveness of BDS products expanding possibilities with our customers.

This area addresses the research and innovation in technical subjects such as:

  • Observability and monitoring of virtualized multi-cluster infrastructure, including energy-aware metrics to enhance sustainability.
  • Orchestration of virtualised network functions, zero touch intelligent network management with AI-based control loops and private 5G networks.
  • Development of Edge computing management elements, enabling the Edge-to-Cloud continuum with a flexible cloud-native management of resources and enabling the deployment of application services anywhere.