Carmen Perea

Carmen Perea

R&D Team Leader
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The Data & Intelligence Software Unit develops and maintains cutting-edge software solutions for analysing and using data to make informed decisions and deliver actionable intelligence from data assets. The unit plays a key role in contributing to the BDS HPC (High Performance Computing) roadmap through products such as CLARY (CLuster diARY) and PROMA (PROactive MAintenance).

CLARY provides a toolset for efficient HPC equipment lifecycle management, cluster health logging, incident and event tracking, and data-driven availability reporting.

PROMA provides an AI-powered intelligent framework that excels at generating HPC insights, applying intelligent analytics to monitor clusters and optimise resource utilisation.



The mission of the Data & Intelligence Software Unit is to harness the power of data and intelligence through innovative software solutions. This includes:

  • Improving the computing efficiency and reliability of HPC systems through data analytics and software monitoring.
  • Developing software applications that help stakeholders extract meaningful insights from complex data sets.
  • Ensuring that software solutions are scalable and performant, capable of handling increasing data volumes and processing requirements.


The Data & Intelligence Software Unit delivers significant value to the organisation through its software solutions. By providing data-driven insights and actionable intelligence, the unit empowers decision-makers to make informed decisions, drive strategic initiatives and optimise resource allocation. By increasing the efficiency of data management and analysis, the unit brings benefits to HPC computing in terms of productivity, cost savings, scientific advancement, competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.